Buy VPS with Bitcoin

Buy VPS with BitcoinOver the past couple of decades, technology has grown exponentially, some of the many innovations that were invented include the smartphone, high-end PC’s, and several other online services. However, some of the unnoticed services include Virtual Private Servers and Bitcoins. Although Bitcoin was only adopted a few years ago, it has become very popular as a payment method, and VPS sellers are now taking bitcoins as a method of payment.

A Virtual Private Server is a machine that hosts a virtual copy of an operating system where users have full access to all the functionality. Users can install any software, play with system files, and anything else they wish. All without damaging the hardware. A VPS can provide many benefits over using a regular computer, such as the lower price compared to a physical server or computer, the ability to host websites on the VPS, no need for upgrades since you can simply purchase a better VPS, and the flexibility to use an operating system. Although VPS’s are amazing tools when used properly, they are not always accessible due to payment restrictions and other causes.

Top 3 Choices to Buy VPS with Bitcoin

bitcoin web hosting vps bitcoin 4
512 MB RAM
1 CPU core
20 GB SSD disk space
2 TB bandwidth
namecheap 2 png
512 MB RAM (+512 MB burst)
1 CPU core
100 GB bandwidth
orange website vps bitcoin
512 MB RAM
2 CPU cores
16 GB HDD disk space
200 GB bandwidth

Best Bitcoin VPS Hosting Comparison

 NameCheapBitcoin Web HostingOrange WebsiteBitronic Tech
Setup TimeVery FastVery FastFastFast
Multiple LocationsYesYesNoNo
Customer SupportChat Support and Ticket SystemTicket SystemTicket SystemTicket System
Ratio price/value31.4864.9524.465.52

Bitcoin is an online decentralised platform that uses units of account (bitcoins) for payments. These units are created from a process called “Bitcoin Mining”, where a computer must verify and record transactions. The process allows miners to collect bitcoins which can then be used to purchase services (such as VPS Bitcoin) and products, or to exchange by other currencies. Since it is not regulated by a central bank, there have been several concerns regarding the volatility of the price of a single bitcoin. However, in the past few years, the price has stabilized to the point where companies are now accepting bitcoins as payments.

One of the services that are now accepting payments are VPS providers, many of them look for more methods of payments to attract new buyers. Users can now buy vps with Bitcoin on several websites. Despite the stable price of Bitcoin, many VPS providers vary their price to take into account for future changes.

To buy vps with Bitcoin, users need to follow the instructions of the sellers make the transaction. It is usually a lot easier than any other payment method: scanning a QR Code or copying and pasting an address.

Over the next few years, Bitcoin will become exponencially more popular as a payment method. Nowadays, more and more services are accepting cryptocurrencies to buy VPS services.

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